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The delicate and useful lab sieve

2015-10-26 09:37:50
Product profile
Experiment sieve, also called lab sieve, is a test instrument for collecting data and developing science. Lab sieve can grade dry and wet materials for the R&D development of food, medicine, metallurgical, construction, chemical, concrete, glass, grain, ceramics and paper-making industries. Lab sieve’s merit is very obvious such as stable and strong vibration, light weight and easy operation.

Major features

1. Replace screen easily without other tool, screen can up to 8 layers.
2. Add timer as need, in 1 to 60 minutes.
3. All of powders, liquid and particles can be screened and filtered.
4. Very steady vibration, no powder fly, no liquid sprinkle, no particle jump.
5. Regular mesh range 3.5 to 400.

Using environmental conditions
1. Inappropriate use on high altitude, especially exceed 1000 meters.
2. The temperature in the laboratory is limited, no lower than 5 degree centigrade, no higher than 40 degree centigrade.
3. Not suitable when the lab sieve’s working was disturbed by other factors such as electric dust particle, corrosive gas and destructive insulation gas. These factors may destroy the effect of the screening.

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