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Flour Screen

  • Model: DYS-600-1S
  • Valid Diameter of screen(mm): 550
  •  Frequency (r/m): 1450
  • Amplitude (mm): 3-5
  • Power (kw): 0.35
  • flour screen
  • flour screen
  • flour screen
  • flour screen
  • flour screen
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■ Specifications
Features of Flour Screen:
1.Provides you with quality assured, contaminant free product.
2.Additional parts, like the mobile wheel, removing-dust hole and noise-proof base, can be easily fixed and maintained.
3.No special requirements for equipment foundation, general cement floor can be used directly.
4.Simple structure, less blocking, automatic cleaning block network device.
5.Beam is connected to the main body with bolts, has the feature of high strength.
6.To speed up the reunion and separation of content, thus increasing dry weight, reduce the number of large particles.
7.Screening ability and scope, there are advantages other screening machines cannot reach.
1. The machine was widely adopted in the food, ceramic, pharmarcy, chemical, painting, metallurgy and etc.
2. Also had the successful application in the brand name nosheries and their chain delivery center to screen and filtrate the flour, bread flour, juice of vegetable and fruit and soybean milk.

1.ISO International Standards ensure that products and services are safe, reliable and of good quality.
2.CE certification is designed to protect EU consumers by regulating products to reduce possible dangers to people and the environment.

■ Technical Data


 Valid Diameter of screen(mm)

 Frequency (r/m)

 Amplitude (mm)



























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