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Effective durable slurry vibrating screen

2015-10-28 10:23:01
Product profile
Slurry is a kind of organic substance which can dissolve or swell in water, similar to the colloform in property, mainly used in paper-making. Paper-making need clean and uniform slurry, but there are some insoluble sundries such as thrum, villus, sand, metal  fragments. Then we will use slurry vibrating screen to rouge and and filter, that is to say, we will use solid-liquid separation vibrating screen. This machine can sieve, rouge and separate all kinds of powders, particles, slurry and so on, which is a high precision screening equipment.

Major features
1. Vertical motor, great property, strong excitation, continuous work
2. The parts touching on the material was made of stinless steel, no  corrosion, no abrasion, no pollution.
3. Strong “V” clamp, special screen structure, make the whole machine firm and safe when works.
4. Screen structure adopt combined stamping design, replace within 5 minutes by two people, less consumption, lasting long life, less service expenditure.
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