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A specialized vibrating screen for cobalt powder

2015-10-26 09:04:39
In China, the granularity of the general cobalt powder is 200 to 300 mesh. However, some industries are likely to use fine cobalt powder(1-2μm) and extra fine cobalt powder(at most 0.5μm). According to this condition, we will choose spin-vibrating screen when need to screen cobalt powder on account of the high precision and it is easy to separate all kinds of powders and particles even at most 0.028μm(500 mesh).

When working, the vibration motor with the action of the eccentric hammer installed on the top and bottom of the motor make the continuous rotation movement into level, vertical and inclined three-D movement, which then transfer the movement to the screen surface and the materials. The operator only need to adjust the phase angle of the hammer for changing the movement direction so that cater to the purpose of screening, roguing and filtering.

1. Fully enclosed design, no powder fly.
2. Small volume, easy to move.
3. Easy to replace the screen within 5 minutes, last long life.
4. No blind angle on screen structure, high availability in every mesh.
5. Materials discharge automatically, the discharge mouth can be rotated to any direction; high efficiency in continuous working.
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