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Ultrasonic vibrating screen

  • Model: DYC400-1S
  • Power: 0.18
  • Sieving diameter : 320mm
  • Effective area (m2): 0.0804
  • Volume (mm): 580*580*560
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■ Video
■ Specifications
Ultrasonic vibrating screen features:
1.High efficiency, elegant design & durable, available for any powder, particles and viscous liquid;
2.All material contact parts are stainless-steel 304;
3.The granularity may be raised by 1-70%,and the output may be improved to 10 times at most;
4.Self-cleaning devices keep the screen clean during all operations;
5.Easy to operate, easy to change the screen mesh, easy to clean;
6.High granularity can solve some difficult problems,such as strong absorbability,being easily to reunite,high static electricity,high density,light proprtion and so on.
Applicable industries:
Chemical industry:resin, pigment,cosmetic, coatings, chinese medicine powder.
Food industry: sugar powder, starch, salt, rice noodle, milk powder,egg powder,sauce, syrup.
Metallurgy, Mine industry: aluminum powder,copper powder,ore alloy powder,welding rod powder.
Medicinal industry: all kinds of medicine.
Application Range:
1.Size classification :separation of particles into groups of comparable size from the materials.
2.Gravity filtering:removal of solids from liquids and slurries.
3.Product reclamation:removal of the solids from waste product or clarification of waste liquor for further use.
4.Screening :separation of a few oversize particles from a quantity of materials.
Ultrasonic vibrating screen instructions:
Check at the head of operation
1. Transmission line seal of protection hose in the ultrasonic is fastened.
2. A mouth fixed on the screen box is fastened.
3. Check whether the power use ultrasonic generator is 220 V, and ensure grounding protection

The matters ultrasonic vibrating screen need attention:
1.Ultrasonic generator used 220 V power supply , frequency 50 HZ and ensure grounding protection.
2.Single nets screening, must be evenly feed.
3.Regularly inspect whether transmission line seal of protection hose in the ultrasonic is fastened.
4.The equipment should be placed far from calculator.
5.If the machine can’t work , you can get the help of our company.

■ Technical Data
Model Power Sieving diameter Effective area (m2) Volume (mm) Nets layer
DYC400-1S 0.18 320mm 0.0804 580*580*560 1
DYC600-1S 0.55 550mm 0.2124 800*800*680 1
DYC800-1S 0.75 750mm 0.4072 900*900*780 1
DYC1000-1S 1.5 950mm 0.6221 1160*1160*880 1
DYC1200-1S 1.75 1150mm 0.9331 1360*1360*980 1
How to get a suitable machine? Pls kindly provide the follow information:
1. Your usage?
2. The capacity you require?
3. How much screen mesh size you need?
4. What's material? Stainless steel or contact part stainless steel or carbon steel?
5. Power condition. 380V or 220V or 50HZ or 60 HZ?
6. Other special requirement?

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