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  • dayong vibrating screen Indonesian customers come to visit DAYONG factory

    26-07-2017, Indonesian customers come to visit DAYONG factory to test our plastic particle screening and conveying equipment. The capacity is about 20t/h. The motor is Wolong brand vibration motor.

  • Xinxiang Dayong Vibration Equipment Co., Ltd Xinxiang Dayong Vibration Equipment Co., Ltd take off a new starting point by new opportunity

    With the finalization of the percussion bells, Xinxiang Dayong Vibration Equipment Co., Ltd as the largest vibration equipment manufacture succeed in showing on the new four officially Central Trading Center list. Cooperation code number: 201145.

  • the-vibratory-screen-in-mr_mao's-eyes-1 The vibratory screen in Mr. Mao's eyes

    On 6th, May, 2016, our Dayong machinery manager organized a internal learning conference. On the conference, the speaker Mr. Mao from our own plant deliver a vivid and useful speech for every salesperson.

  • world-earth-day-1 World Earth Day

    22nd, April, the World Earth Day, a worldwide environmental protection activity. Dayong Machinery insist on this purpose consistently. By working from ourselves, we aims to promote all the people to protect our world and promote the development of environ

  • rubber-products-1 Further recognizing the rubber products

    Rubber mainly is the material made by the latices extracted by the rubber tree, koksaphyz. After processed, the rubber possess elasticity, insulativity and airtightness, which is a macromolecule compound with high elasticity.

  • monkey-year-2 Happy Chinese Monkey Year

    Chinese New Year is the most important festival in Chinese traditional festival. Every time on this moment, the people regardless of where they are, they

  • Aluminum powder vibrating screen

    1. Aluminum powder vibrating screen product overviews. 2. Aluminum powder vibrating screen working principle. 3. Aluminum powder vibrating screen major parameters.

  • micro-powder-vibrating-screen Micro powder vibrating screen

    1. Micro powder vibrating screen product profile. 2. Micro powder vibrating screen Working principle. 3. Micro powder vibrating screen Major features.

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