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  • vibrating screen International Labor Day

    International Labor Day we will have three-day holiday from May 1st to 3rd.

  • vibrating screen Dayong Delivery Notification

    eople from the most affected city of Wuhan have been completely isolated and are not allowed to leave the city at all. Most probably some of the employees will not be able to get back to work in time. We suggest to keep a close eye on the situation and ev

  • vibration screen Notice of Spring Festival Holiday

    The new year is approaching, and we will have a 15-day holiday from January 17 to January 31.

  • vibrating screen The 7th 2019 INDIA INDUSTRIAL MACHINERY EXHIBITION

    We will attend the Industrial Machinery Exhibition on December 11-13, 2019, if you have any demand or question, can contact us in advance. By then, we will take the initiative to contact you when we reach India. And taking the initiative to contact us in

  • linear vibrating screen Urea Linear Vibrating Screen

    Urea dedicated linear vibrating screen can achieve the grading and removing impurities of materials, improve the product quality, and no dust flying and powder leakage, protect working environment.

  • linear vibrating screen The effect of three-layer linear vibrating screen for ceramic ball screening

    Linear vibrating screen is equipped with different specifications for achieving multi-grading separation, relies on two sets horizontal vibration motor making materials do straight jump movement along the screen surface, then materials discharged automati

  • high frequency vibration screen High Frequency Vibration Screen For Ceramics Sieving

    High frequency vibration screen is used mainly to filter ceramics slurry for getting better quality products, with high filtration accuracy, small volume, high frequency, good sieving effect and unique grid structure features.

  • vibrating screen The Screening Effect of Vibration Screen Equipment

    Vibration screen equipment has very rich functions, as following: 1. Graing materials into different particles size. 2. Removing materials impurities. 3. Filtration slurry impurities.

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