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ZSG Series Heavy Vibration Screen

  • Model: ZSG1860
  • Screening area: 10.8㎡
  • Amplitude: Double Amplitude 6-8mm
  • Motor: 2x15kw
  • Capacity: 150-700t/h
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■ Specifications
ZSG heavy vibrating screen is a new type of high efficient screening equipment, and it’s motion trajectory is similar as a straight line moving. The ZSG series screening machine has the advantages of simple structure, screening large capacity and low energy consumption, easy maintenance, widely used in mines, coal, electric power, metallurgy, building materials, refractory from all walks of life than the bulk materials and medium and small granular materials graded assignments.

ZSG heavy vibrating screen with two type power device, one is vibration motor directly drive and other is general motor through the coupling driven vibration exciter indirect drive, so could meet the needs of different environments; the material of screen mesh has metal screen, bar plate, punched plate, polyurethane plate and so on a variety of forms, sieve surface of both single-layer and multilayer arrangement, meet the requirements of different screening operations.

■ Technical Data


Max feeding size



Vibration frequency










ZSG-1020 <250mm 50-150t/h 2x2kw 16Hz 6-8mm 1-3
ZSG-1224 <250mm 50-200t/h 2x2.5kw 16Hz 6-8mm 1-3
ZSG-1030 <250mm 50-250t/h 2x2.5kw 16Hz 6-8mm 1-3
ZSG-1530 <250mm 100-350t/h 2x3.7kw 16Hz 6-8mm 1-3
ZSG-1540 <250mm 100-500t/h 2x5.5kw 16Hz 6-8mm 1-3
ZSG-1836 <250mm 150-600t/h 2x5.5kw 16Hz 6-8mm 1-3
ZSG-1848 <250mm 150-650t/h 2x7.5kw 16Hz 6-8mm 1-3
ZSG-1860 <250mm 150-700t/h 2x15kw 16Hz 6-8mm 1-3
ZSG-2040 <250mm 200-800t/h 2x15kw 16Hz 6-8mm 1-3
ZSG-2060 <250mm 200-1000t/h 2x22kw 16Hz 6-8mm 1-3
Note: We could design this equipment fully according to clients' request.

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