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450 filter sieve

  • Motor: Single vertical motor
  • Sieve Size: 0.038-3mm
  • Diameter: 380mm
  • Effective Screen Surface: 1460r/min
  • Power: 0.18kw
  • 450 filter sieve
  • 450 filter sieve China
  • 450 filter sieve supplier
  • 450 filter sieve frame
■ Specifications
DY-450 type vibrating screen is a small single layer vibration screening filter with low noise, high efficiency, easy to move, both used for powder and granules, but can be used for liquid filtration. Applied to all industry manufacturers with a single-layer screening and filtering small handling capacity material with fewer impurities.

The part contacting material is 100% stainless steel 304.
High efficiency, elaborate design and durable, suitable for any serous, mucinous and powdered material.
Unique screen frame design, no leakage, it’s quick and easy to change the sieve, simple operation, easy to clean.
Mesh no blocking, powder no fly, reach to screen 400 mesh.
Small volume, light weight, easy to move, simple operation and maintenance.
Using scopes:
Chemical industry: paint, ink, paste, paint, latex paint, aluminum paste etc.
Food industry: starch, milk, juice, beverage, dairy mouth, spices etc.
Other industries: mud, pulp, waste, and Chinese and western medicine liquid etc.
■ Technical Data
Motor Sieve Size Diameter Effective Screen Surface Power
Single vertical motor 0.038-3mm 380mm 1460r/min 0.18kw
How to get a suitable machine? Pls kindly provide the follow information:
1. Your usage?
2. The capacity you require?
3. How many layers? the mesh size for each layer?
4. What's material? Stainless steel or contact part stainless steel or carbon steel?
5. Power condition. 380V or 220V or 50HZ or 60 HZ?
6. Other special requirement?

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