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What Factors Are Related To The Throughput Of The Powder Pneumatic Conveying System

Related to the size of the exhaust air volume of the centrifugal fan: the centrifugal fan is used as a source to show the gas driving force for the transportation of powder raw materials. It has a particularly important function in the complete pneumatic conveying system. The exhaust air size of the blower immediately harms the pneumatic conveying the throughput in the system.

It is related to the size of the hopper and the feeding rate: when the blower and the rotating feeder are operating smoothly, the balance rate of supply and demand of raw materials must tend to the size of the conveying volume. Too fast a feeding rate can easily lead to transportation blockage, while a too slow feeding rate will Lead to waste.

Related to pipeline specifications: under normal conditions, blowers and rotary feeders of different models and specifications often have matching pipeline specifications, but the pipeline specifications will undoubtedly affect the size of the delivery volume. The larger the pipeline specifications, the larger the pipeline specifications. The amount of raw materials transported will be larger.

Related to the unloading volume of the rotating feeder: the dumping volume of the rotating feeder endangers the powder conveying volume. If the dumping rate and volume are less than the conveying volume, it will easily cause blockage and harm the back The transportation is efficient.

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