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How To Choose A Suitable Vibrating Screen Model for Sieving Copper Sulfate

In order to obtain pure copper sulfate powder, in the process of producing copper sulfate pentahydrate, screening equipment is usually used, so how is the vibrating screen model for screening copper sulfate selected? What are the main parameters that affect the selection of copper sulfate vibrating screens?

First of all, in most cases, when sieving powdered materials, circular rotary vibrating screen equipment is selected. This equipment uses a vertical vibration motor as an excitation source to make the material move in a circular motion on the screen surface. Under the action of the excitation force of the vibrating motor, the materials are classified due to the different sizes of the material particles and the screen mesh. Therefore, the preferred vibrating screen model for screening copper sulfate is rotary vibrating screen.

The second is the material requirements of the rotary vibrating screen. Because copper sulfate is corrosive, it is recommended that customers choose corrosion-resistant stainless steel when choosing the material of the screening machine.

Finally, the model of the rotary vibrating screen is determined, which is mainly related to the mesh size of the material and the output of the screening. When the customer needs to screen copper sulfate with 18 mesh and 40 mesh, and the screening output is 1 ton per hour, it is recommended to use the 1200 stainless steel rotary vibrating screen to meet the production requirements.

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