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How To Choose Model for Graphite Sieving

Graphite is the most common raw material used to make negative electrode materials. At present, the most used in the industry are rotary vibrating screens and ultrasonic vibrating screens. Under what circumstances should the rotary vibrating screen be used, and under what circumstances should ultrasound vibration screen be used? The main analysis is as follows:

1.Rotary vibrating screen equipment: the more uniform the particle size distribution of graphite, the better the solubility of the electrolytic liquid phase, and the battery's charging performance and other functions are stronger. Therefore, the fineness of graphite screening directly affects the service life of lithium batteries. Under normal circumstances, the graphite sieving meshes are 80 mesh and 120 mesh, so the DY-1200-2S model equipment will be used to complete the graphite sieving process. When the graphite sieving accuracy is high, the rotary vibrating screen cannot Achieve its accuracy.

2.Ultrasonic vibrating screen: the precision of graphite is required to be finer. It is required to screen 200 meshes. In addition to the electrostatic and irregularities of graphite, it is necessary to use ultrasonic vibrating screens. At this low amplitude and high frequency The graphite powder will not stick to the screen for a long time under the action of the high-frequency transducer, so there will be no blocking phenomenon. However, it should be noted that graphite is conductive. Once powder enters the transducer, it will cause the transducer to burn out. Therefore, the ultrasonic transducer is converted to an external transducer to reduce the probability of damage.

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