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The use and maintencace of YA circular vibrating screen

1. Before beginning the machine, check that whether there are obstacles of obstructing running around it and each connecting bolt is fastened or not. The fixed bolt should be tightened for several times, especially the fixed bolt of vibration motor, bearing seat and screen plate. Check that whether the running directions of the two vibration motors are opposite or not. If same, change one motor’s power wiring to ensure opposite.

2. In the running of the machine, start it in non-load first, then operate and stop it one or two times to observe whether there are abnormal phenomenon and noise. Ensure smooth and normal running.

3. After continuous running of 4 hours, measure the bearing temperature and it cannot exceed 75 degrees. Fasten each connection bolt again and regularly fasten it later.
4. When screening the material, the feeding should be even to ensure even distribution of the material on the screen surface. If the material deviates, adjust the feeding point.
5. Before stopping the machine, stop the feeding first. And after the material on the screen surface is over, stop it. After the stop, clean the material and impurity left on the surface to prevent the mesh from sticking and jamming.
6. After 3 months use of vibration motor, fuel it. Take a minor repair once half a year and a overhaul once a year. And take maintenance and repair work of the vibration motor according to the specification of YZD series vibration motor.

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