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Excited force adjustment of vibrating motor

Excited force adjustment:
Each end of the vibration motor is provided with a fixed eccentric block and a adjustable eccentric block. Adjusting the angle between them can change the excited force strength. The angle is 0 degree when leaving the factory and the excited force this time is the rated excited force of the vibrating motor right.
Special attention should be paid to adjust the the adjustable eccentric blocks, which are at both ends of the vibrating motor output shaft, as the same angle at the same direction when adjusting the excited force.

Adjustment steps of excited force:
1. Remove the protective cover.
2. Loosen the tightening bolts of the outer eccentric block.
The eccentric block on both sides should be rotated at the same direction, so that the reticle on the axis aims to the indicating number line of excited force on the eccentric block and reaches the requisite number. And examine that whether the angles at both ends are same. 

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