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The installation and operation of vibrating conveyor

Installation and commissioning:

1. To avoid deformation of the tank, the groove inside is strictly prohibited to place heavy and the steel cord fastening the vibration transport should be stuck on the bracket in the transportation and hoisting.
2. Adjust the angle of spring (or rocker)to make that each plate spring’s angle is consistent and the spring (or rocker) is in a state of nature before operating.
3. Notice that whether there is metal impacting sound in the commissioning or not. If there is, check and handle it timely.

Operation and use:

Switch on the power and the vibration conveyor runs by the motor driving. Regularly check that whether the running condition of vibration conveyor is normal, such as whether the screw and conveying belt are loose and so on. If the abnormal condition occurs, stop the machine immediately and eliminate it timely.