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Some maintenance skills of circular vibration screen

1. The normal working temperature of circular vibration screen eccentric bearing should be less than 60 degrees. Because of the running-in process of new exciting vibrator, the temperature may be a little higher. After five-hour running, the temperature should be stabilized. Stop the machine for inspection if the temperature still is too high.

2. When replacing the V belt, the motor anchor bolt should be loosened completely. Place the belt into the wheel groove conveniently without using clubs or other objects to pry it. The tension force of V belt should be suitable and the belt wheel should be aligned. When the machine has run for 48 hours after the first adjustment of tension force, adjust it again.

3. The bolt of contacting the eccentric shaft and circular vibration screen is high strength bolt, without the permit of using ordinary bolt. Checking the tightness regularly is necessary, once a week at least. The loosening of any one of them will lead other bolts’ fracture and then the circular vibration screen will be damaged.

4. The adopted high strength bolt, nut and gasket should meet the requirements of GB1231-76.

5. To prevent the internal stress caused by welding, it is generally not allowed to weld the screen box and any auxiliary part in the field. If the welding is necessary, it should be welded by the manufacture’s professional.

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