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Jaw crusher malfunctions and maintenance

The reasons of the beating of jaw crusher frame:

1. The anchor bolt is loose or broken.
2. The flying slot wheel deviates.
3. The foundation fixture of main engine is not fixed and there is not vibration isolation measure.

The solutions are as follows:
1. If the anchor bolt is just loose, tighten it by the wrench; broken, replace it with new bolt.
2. Remove the flying slot wheel’s cover plate, unscrew its sleeve-bolt, adjust its position and then fasten its sleeve-bolt.
3. Reinforce the foundation and add the sleeper wood or rubber band between the machine and ground.
Other troubles and solutions:
Trouble: product granularity becomes thick.  
Reason: the underpart of tooth plate is worn seriously.  
Solution: U-turn the tooth plate or adjust the discharge port.
Trouble: the machine can’t be started or the amplitude is small.  
Reasons: 1. The motor is damaged.  
         2. The electrical component of control circuit is damaged.  
         3. Too much material accumulates on the screen mesh.  
         4. The vibrator is in trouble.  
         5. The grease in the vibrator becomes thick and agglomerated.    
Solutions: 1. Replace the motor.  
         2. Replace the electrical component.  
         3. Clean the material on the screen surface.
         4. Check and repair the vibrator.  
         5. Clean the vibrator. Renew and add appropriate grease.