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The recognition of belt conveyor for a newcomer

As a newcomer, I went with other colleagues to visit our own plant today. I learned more about belt conveyor and its spares. After asking from the technicist, I knew that the belt conveyor’s work principle. When the driver actuate the roller, the force of friction produced by the belt and roller mobilize the belt. The material was put by the feeding device on the belt and conveyed to the discharging device.

Besides, I learned about some belts such as herringbone belt and plane belt. The herringbone belt, made of rubber, was designed for the purpose to increase the force of friction. The plane belt , made of rubber or nylon or canvas, can be made from 2 to 8 layers according to the customers. The general rubber plane belt can suffer not more than50 degree centigrade, but still can be made for high temperature resistance as not more than 240 degree centigrade. 

In addition, we followed the technicist to learn about the electric drums and roller. The roller was divided into several types such as nylon roller, ceramic roller and rubber covered roller. The nylon roller is wearproof, while the ceramic roller is much cheaper and buffered. The rubber covered roller, cheaper than ceramic roller, can relieve stress from material and reduce the machine’s abrasion.