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A visit to our elevator chain plant

Today, accompanying with our technicist and other colleagues, I went to our plant to and really got something. we recognized the hoist chain, which was divided into three types: plate link chain, ring chain and belt chain. The plate link chain has two types as single strand chain and double strands chain. The double strands plate link chain and the ring chain was used in the heavy materials’ rising, while the single strand plate link chain and the belt chain was used in the light materials’ rising such as powders and particles. The plate link chain and the ring chain can be used in some corrosive materials, and the double strands chain can suffered high temperature 700 to 800 degree centigrade. The belt chain can only suffer 40 to 50 degree centigrade, not suitable for corrosive materials. All of this three kinds of chain can be set on the elevator not more than 50 meters. 

After a whole day's visiting ,we learned more thing about our products and our company. I really hope that you  follow my view continuously.