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Matters needs attention in the operating process of ultrasonic vibration screen

   Ultrasonic vibrating screen is a machine that is added a set of ultrasonic generator on the base of ordinary three dimensional vibration screen. It is mainly used for powder, static electricity, easy agglomeration and strong adsorption material. Its auto-cleaning ability is strong and will not appear phenomenon of decrease of screening efficiency due to mesh clogging. This take high mesh number screening easier, which can reach the highest mesh number of 600. The ultrasonic adopts integrated circuit board, full-closed and special aviation joint. It can work in 12-24 hours without stop. No cooling treatment.

So what matters should be paid attention to reduce the unnecessary loss?

1. Ultrasonic vibration screens rated voltage is 220V and the rated frequency is 50HZ. To ensure the ultrasonic vibration screen not be damaged, it should work with rated current.

2. The screen should be fastened, or it will affect the operating effect.

3. The connection joint of transducer and aviation plug should be fastened. And it should be stuck by insulating adhesive tape to prevent dust from entering.

4. The vibrating amplitude should not exceed the certain range in the condition of ensuing normal work.

5. If the material is conductive, the ultrasonic connection line should be lengthened. And separate the ultrasonic power and screening locale to prevent the material from entering the power box, which will cause a short.

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