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Classification and function of sealing ring of vibrating screen

 One, classification of sealing rubber ring
Sealing rubber ring is an essential component in vibrating screen. It can be divided into three categories according to the material: rubber sealing ring, silicone rubber sealing ring and polyurethane sealing ring. The sealing rings of three different material are suitable for the material of all kinds of characteristics.
1.Rubber sealing ring
The rubber sealing ring is the most common ring with wide-scope application. It is mainly used for screening of common material. Its capitalized cost and cost of manufacture all are the lowest among the three sealing rings
2.Silicone rubber sealing ring
The silicone rubber sealing ring’s cost performance is the highest among them. It is mainly used for screening of high temperature, corrosive or oily material
3.Polyurethane sealing ring
The polyurethane sealing ring has the highest price. Its various properties are higher than the rubber ring and silicone ring. High temperature, corrosion and oil resistance.

Two, function of sealing ring
No matter what the type and kind the vibration screens are and no matter how fastening the machine is in the installation, the gap between the frames is existent certainly. Then, the machine will have material spilling and leakage conditions certainly in the running process. Therefore, the sealing ring appears. In the design of vibrating screen, installing the sealing ring at any place that has gap can prevent material spilling and leakage effectively.