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Rotary vibrating sieve to sieve aluminum powder

 Rotary vibrating screen is a commonly used screening equipment, which can separate granular materials according to particle size. Aluminum powder is a common metal powder that can be sieved through a rotary vibrating sieve.

The working principle of the rotary vibrating screen is to make the granular material roll, jump and collide in the screen hole under the action of gravity through the vibrating screen, so as to realize the screening of the material. For fine particles such as aluminum powder, it is necessary to use a sieve with a smaller sieve size for sieving to ensure the separation effect.
During the sieving process, attention needs to be paid to controlling the sieving time and amplitude to avoid particle breakage and loss caused by excessive vibration and excessive sieving time. In addition, it is necessary to keep the screen clean and clean the particles blocked by the screen in time to ensure the screening efficiency and accuracy.
In short, the use of rotary vibrating sieves for aluminum powder sieving requires the selection of appropriate sieves and control of sieving conditions to obtain a good separation effect.

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