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Soybean powder screening machine - rotary vibrating screen

 Soybean powder is made from defatted soybeans. Soybean flour not only has the characteristics of high soybean protein content and high Unsaturated fat acid content, but also has anti-aging, brain strengthening and other health effects. It is a food with high nutritional value.

Soybean flour is a finished product with a Granularity of 0.3~0.85mm, which is made from soybean and then crushed and graded by a grinder or grinder. The grading equipment used in the processing is different.

Before proceeding with the soybean selection stage, it is necessary to first screen and remove impurities, selecting suitable soybean raw materials. This can be achieved by using a linear vibrating screen for impurity removal. Through screening, small or large impurities in damaged soybean particles can be removed, and qualified products that meet the processing requirements can be obtained.

Finally, the dried soybean protein powder needs to be cleaned and graded before packaging, and the soybean powder should be sieved and loosened before packaging. It is recommended to use a food grade circular vibrating screen, which is generally 80-170 mesh. The recommended material is stainless steel 304 material that comes into contact with the material, carbon steel base, or all stainless steel 304 material. The discharge port can be rotated at 306 degrees to facilitate customer reception, Of course, some customers may need to add other additives to their materials, which may have an impact on screening. We will recommend whether to add an ultrasonic system to prevent material blockage based on the specific screening situation. Please consult our vibrating screen and we will recommend a more suitable screening machine for you.

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