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The three Major Factors of Affecting Screening

1. Physical properties of sieving material

Including the particle size composition, humidity, mud content and particle shape of the material itself.
When the fine particle content of materials is larger, the productivity of vibration sieves is also large. When the material humidity is high, the screening efficiency usually decreases, but when the sieve size bigger, smaller effect of moisture on the screening rate. Therefore, for wet materials with large water content, in order to improve the screening process, generally, the screen aperture can be enlarged or wet screening. Wet screening or pre-washing shall be used for material with large mud content ( mud content is greater than 8%).

2. Influence of production conditions
When the load of vibrating sieve is large, the screening efficiency is low. The sieve mesh larger, lower screening efficiency is required, then will be higher productivity.
The inclined angle of vibrating screen should be suitable, generally through the test to determine. There is also the amplitude and vibration frequency of the sieve, which is related to the structure and physical properties of sieves. Within a certain range, increasing the vibration can improve the screening index.
3. The influence of screen surface properties and structure parameters
For certain materials, the productivity and screening efficiency of vibration sieve depends on the size of the sieve. The productivity depends on the width of vibration screen, if the screen is wide, productivity is high. Screening efficiency depends on the length of the screen surface. The larger of effective sieve area, the higher unit area productivity and screening efficiency of the sieve surface. The mesh size larger, the higher productivity of unit screen surface, then screening efficiency is higher.

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