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Ultrasonic Vibrating Screen For Food Material Using

Ultrasonic vibrating screens are widely used in food, medicine, chemical and other industries. The general material characteristics and detailed requirements of ultrasonic vibrating screens are also different between different industries. Today, the selection and purchase of ultrasonic vibrating screens for food have been made. Targeted introduction.

The key points of ultrasonic vibration screening for food:

In terms of the structure of the ultrasonic vibrating screen, it is mainly composed of the upper cover, the screen frame, the sieve, the ultrasonic vibrating screen transducer, the vibration motor, the shock absorber spring, the base, etc., and then when purchasing the ultrasonic vibrating screen for food, the main From these aspects, configure a suitable food ultrasonic vibrating screen.

Selection of Food Ultrasonic Vibrating Screen
Stainless steel plates commonly used in ultrasonic vibrating screens are divided into 316 and 304 materials. 304 stainless steel or 316 L material is usually used in the food industry in contact with the material. In addition, the production environment of the vibrating screen base also has extremely strict requirements, and it will also be customized for stainless steel 304. The part in contact with the material is not allowed to be contaminated by impurities, and the vibrating screen seal is equipped with food-grade hygiene standards. The vibrating screen sealing material should be made of silica gel, only in this way can it meet the hygienic standards of the food industry.

Food ultrasonic vibrating screen welding technology
Since food hygiene is very important, all food processing equipment must be easy to clean and disinfect, dust-free four corners, the implementation of ultrasonic vibrating screen welding requires that each part of the welding does not break, leak welding, burrs and polishing treatment to ensure the surface of the vibrating screen Smooth and scratched. This can ensure that the screening process is free of powder, cross-contamination between materials or cleaning problems that affect food hygiene and safety.

Bouncing balls and sealing aprons made of silica gel have the characteristics of wear resistance, high temperature resistance, high bounce, etc., and are non-toxic, non-polluting, tasteless, non-migrating, and non-side effects. They are often used in industries with high environmental protection requirements.

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