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Ultrasonic Vibrating Sieve for Garlic Powder Classification

Garlic powder is a kind of common dehydrated vegetable powder particles. Among them, the classification of garlic powder has become an important part in the process of garlic powder production and sales. In response to this problem, our ultrasonic vibrating screen can easily solve this problem.

Garlic powder itself has a certain viscosity, so it is difficult to sieving easily with an ordinary vibrating sieve. Therefore, it is recommended to use a vibrating sieve equipment with an ultrasonic generator.
Although there are two layers of garlic powder ultrasonic vibrating screen, the ultrasonic generator is added to the most difficult layer, and the ordinary bouncing ball cleaning device is used to clean the other layer. The working principle of adding an ultrasonic generator is to use the ultrasonic generator to convert ordinary electric energy into high-frequency, low-amplitude electric energy. Make the ultrasonic transducer continuously hit the screen during the motor startup process to prevent garlic powder from clogging the screen and complete the entire screening process.
The garlic powder sieving machine with ultrasonic generator can not only prevent the garlic powder from clogging the screen during the sieving process, but also greatly improve the production efficiency of garlic powder.

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