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Soy Protein Powder Vibrating Screen for Removing Impurities

Soy protein powder is generally a protein-rich powder made of purified soy protein or the compound processing of the above-mentioned proteins. Its purpose is to supplement protein for people lacking protein, and it can also be used as a functional additive in the food industry.

In the production process, the soybean protein powder needs to be sieved and removed, that is, impurities, agglomerates, and clumps are sieved out of the soybean protein powder through a large-scale vibrating screen. It also has the function of loose material to ensure the semi-finished soybean protein. The purity of the powder raw material.

In general, the most commonly used machine for sieving soy protein powder is a rotary vibrating screen. Because soy protein powder belongs to the food industry, the sanitary standard requirements for food hygiene standards are relatively strict, so Xinxiang Dayong machinery vibrating screen must use the whole machine to be made of 304 material. The vibrating screen is also a food-grade vibrating screen to ensure that the equipment is clean, hygienic and free of dead ends. In addition, the food-grade vibrating screen must be made of silica gel. Only in this way can it meet the hygiene standards of the food industry.

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