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Soy Milk Filter

Soy milk introduction

Soy milk is a kind of beverage loved by the Chinese people and a nutritional food for all ages. It enjoys the reputation of "plant milk" in Europe and America.  Soy milk is rich in plant proteins and phospholipids. It also contains vitamins B1.B2 and niacin.  In addition, soy milk also contains iron, calcium and other minerals, especially the calcium it contains, which is very suitable for various people, including the elderly, adults, teenagers, children and so on.  Soybean Milk is a traditional drink of the Han nationality in China. Early soybean milk was made by Liu An, the king of Huainan in the Western Han Dynasty.  Soybeans are soaked with water, ground, ground, filtered, and boiled.  Soy milk is very nutritious and easy to digest and absorb.  Unlike western milk, soy milk is a food with Chinese national characteristics and is widely popular in Chinese regions.  The benefits of drinking soy milk regularly are as follows: physical fitness.  Preventing diabetes Preventing hypertension Preventing stagnation, AIDS, constipation, obesity, etc.

Soy milk products such as bean curd, dried bean curd, etc. are produced by the refiner during the production process and contain a certain amount of soybean residue. If not cleaned out, it will seriously affect the product quality and taste of soybean products.  In terms of soybean milk filtration and removal of bean dregs, most companies use manual filter cloths to shake the original filtering method. Today, the labor cost is very high, so this operation requires labor, and the work efficiency is low, especially for summer soybean products.  The temperature in the production workshop is very high, and the workers have to work under high temperature. It is very dangerous and the yield cannot be improved. According to the characteristics of the soybean milk filter residue in the soybean product factory, it is suitable for the soybean milk filter.

Soymilk screening and filtration purpose
Realize the separation of pulp and slag, reduce the content of slag in soybean milk, improve the fineness of soybean milk, and improve the taste; the equipment is suitable for 24-hour production line, the equipment has high stability and good sealing performance, and is especially suitable for slurry screening.

Soymilk is ground through soymilk after being blistered before being ground. The soymilk in the slurry includes a large amount of soybean dregs. Although the outlet of the refiner is equipped with a filter screen, which can roughly separate soybean milk and soybean dregs, it still cannot meet the needs of our daily life. In order to make the produced soybean milk or soybean products more delicious, a filter screen for making tofu  The sieve mesh number is 100-200 mesh, and 200-300 sieve should be used for making tofu and dried bean.

Soymilk application industry
Bean curd, dried bean curd, bean curd and other soy products industries, emerging soy milk industry.

Production process
Slurry separator / colloid mill -- cooking pulp -- pump, pipe diameter -- vibrating screen

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