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Rare Earth Minerals Rotary Vibrating Screen

 Rare earth minerals, also known as rare earth element minerals or rare earth metal minerals, mainly exist in the form of minerals in the earth's crust. As the basic constituent elements of minerals, they exist in the crystal lattice of minerals in the form of ionic compounds and constitute indispensable components of minerals.

Although the amount of rare earth elements is very small, adding a small amount of rare earth elements to other raw materials can greatly improve the quality and performance of the product. Therefore, rare earths are also known as the "vitamins" of modern industry.

Some customers asked about the sieving of rare earth powder. The customer said that their raw earth powder has a specific gravity of 0.8, the mesh size required 40 mesh, and the material is difficult to screen. The customer requires a processing capacity of 300-400 kg. We recommend a 1200mm diameter rotary vibrating screen, now the customer is using the machine, the customer feedback the use effect is very good, and our rotary vibrating screen is very fine in workmanship than the one they bought before, and we also recommended our vibrating screen to his friend, now the rotary vibrating screen of his friend ordered from us is in production, welcome to visit.

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