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Peanuts Vacuum Conveying Equipment

Recently, one of our customers talked about the situation on the site and wanted to recommend a conveying equipment to convey peanuts.

The customer asked about the screw conveyor, but because the screw conveyor uses the screw blade to feed the material, the peanuts are too soft and easy to break when feeding, so they directly rejected the screw conveyor plan.
Through the communication of specific details, we recommended the vacuum conveyor to the customer.

The vacuum conveyor adopts the principle of low vacuum to realize the air transport of oil particles, which can transport all oils except tea seeds. Such as peanuts, soybeans, rapeseed, sesame, etc., the height can be adjusted, the suction time can be adjusted, and the operation is simple.

This kind of transportation method can prevent dust environmental pollution, improve the working environment, reduce environmental and personnel pollution of materials, and improve cleanliness; because it is pipeline transportation, it takes up a small space and can complete the powder transportation in a small space to make the work room space. Beautiful and generous; especially not restricted by long and short distances. At the same time, the vacuum feeder can reduce labor intensity and improve work efficiency; it is the choice for most material conveying methods.

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