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325 Mesh Zinc Powder Sieving Using Rotary Vibrating Screen Or Ultrasonic Vibrating Screen

Zinc powder is a kind of metal powder raw material, which is mainly used for making pigments, anti-rust paints and reducing agents. Currently, the treatment of zinc powder on the vibrating screen on the market is mainly divided into two aspects of impurity removal and classification, mainly based on user requirements and in which industry is zinc powder applied?

Recently, customers who produce zinc powder raw materials need to classify the zinc powder through 325 mesh, and then use the 325 mesh sieving fine powder for raw materials for dental filling, so the particle size requirements are higher.

Particle size range: 60% under 325 mesh screen, 40% over sieve, maximum particle size around 80 mesh
Expected processing capacity: 200kg-300kg/h

The customer conducts oversampling test with a test screen frame with a diameter of 200mm, and the material has good fluidity. In the case of fine powder, the specific gravity is between 4-6. The effect of passing through the screen when performing manual screening is good, and it can basically be screened down.

We all know that the ultrasonic vibrating screen is based on the rotary vibrating screen, and a set of ultrasonic system is added as a cleaning screen device, which plays a role in cleaning the screen when processing the fine mesh (more than 200 mesh) materials through the net, so that the material It is easier to pass through the screen, but after understanding the situation of the customer, it is found that the use of ordinary rotary vibrating screen can solve the problem of the customer, so we recommend customer to use the rotary vibrating screen with a diameter of 1200-1S, and two suggestions are also given to the customer:
1. When the particle size is higher, because the zinc powder has a large proportion, the screen will wear faster. Although the rotary vibrating screen is a sub-mother net structure, it has a certain protective effect on the fine mesh, however, it is still recommended that the customer can add a layer of net rack for insurance, 325 mesh screen twice, to ensure that the particle size of the material will not be disqualified because the screen is damaged.
2. A spare frame is used when purchasing equipment, and the screen should be replaced as soon as it is damaged.

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