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2 Sets of Vibratory Screens is Under Shipping

Several days before we sent the inquiry from Singapore customer, they said they want 2 sets of Ultrasonic Vibratory Screens. 1200mm diameter. Two screens each, 10mesh and 20mesh.

But according to us, the 10 mesh or 20 mesh no need the ultrasonic system, so we then communicated with customer in details, and the customer tell us:
Their raw materials is food powder(different), because they have 4 manufactures, and also have manufacture in Malaysia.
The reason they want try ultrasonic system is just because their raw materials some will have 5% fat content, so may a little sticky.
The mesh will be different, sometimes they also need other mesh, such as 40 mesh and 60 mesh.
They will use the machine very frequently.
After our details contact, we recommend:
To use the bouncing balls will be better than the ultrasonic system.
To use our DY1200-3S is very suitable.
To order some easy-wearing spare parts including the silicon sealing, silicon bouncing balls, sieve mesh, springs and so on. Then to make the working efficiency improved.
Customer’s special requirement: 3 phase 415 volt. Fully 304 stainless steel, Mirrow polish.
Last week we finished the production for the customer, and our quality control depart also checked and confirmed it can be shipping, so we arranged the shipping.
The following is the pictures: