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Three-dimensional Vibrating Screening Machine For Spice Screening

2021-05-17 17:51:35
Spices are needed in food, chemical and other industries, and the amount of addition is very small, which shows that their value is higher. Vibrating screen equipment must be used to determine the accuracy of such an important material. Normally, there are many types of screening equipment, and high-precision equipment is selected as a three-dimensional vibrating screen.

The three-dimensional vibrating screen uses a vertical vibration motor as the excitation source. The materials can be sorted into 1-5 different specifications at a time. The materials are subjected to the force of the vibration motor on the screen surface, and the bouncing ball under the grid constantly bounces. When the screen surface is hit, the material cannot contact the screen surface for a long time, so the blocking of the material is solved. Adjusting the angle between the upper and lower weights of the vibrating motor can also adjust the movement trajectory of the material on the screen surface to realize the exchange between the screening accuracy of the material and the screening output.

In the shipping list, we have prepared for customers:

1. User manual, before using the equipment, please read the manual carefully.

2. Qualification certificate and warranty card, please keep the warranty card properly. Our equipment is guaranteed for 18 months. If the equipment fails due to improper operation, it can be repaired for free during the warranty period.

3. Some common spare parts.
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