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The Screening Effect of Vibration Screen Equipment

2019-07-02 10:22:56
At present some functions of vibration sieving equipment as following:

1.Grading for many kinds of different particle size of materials
Grading is main function, according to different mesh hole and particle size, relies on exciting force of vibration motor, materials will be divided into many different specification, And under general situation, can up to five kinds of different specification, if need to grade more, can use two sets screening machine to run together.

2.Removing impurities
Removing impurities is a common function, generally used before packing, for testing materials, is a product inspector, common model of vibrating screen: rotary vibrating screen, direct discharge vibrating screen, etc.

The impurities of slurry will affect product quality, so need to use slurry filter screen for sieve out impurities, generally slurry filter screen use high frequency vibrating screen, edge rotary vibrating screen, etc.
Above said, the role of vibrating screen is very large, in modern industries have very wide application range.

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