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Which Vibrating Sieve Is Suitable For Removing The Powder From The Tea

In the process of making tea, all the finely divided tea leaves except for the finished tea can be used as tea powder, so the selection of tea leaves and the selection of the powder are the same step. The mesh size of the powdered tea vibrating sieve also needs to be selected according to the particle size of the finished tea, so the mesh size of the powdered tea vibrating sieve is not high, usually a 7-9 mesh sieve is fine. If the mesh is too thick, some tea buds will be sifted out. If it is Tieguanyin, you can use a 7-mesh sieve, and for green tea, you can use a 9-mesh sieve. Different teas need to be based on individual differences. Choose the right screen.

According to the analysis of the mesh size of the vibrating screen for sieving tea powder, we know that the mesh size of the tea powder is relatively coarse, so it is better to screen. The use of a rotary vibrating sieve can meet the screening requirements. The rotary vibrating sieve is a kind of The vibration source of the three-dimensional motion vibrating screen is a vibrating motor. The tea powder rotary vibrating sieve can improve the sliding effect of low-density powder in gravity sedimentation, and improve the retention or wedging of the tea powder at the screen opening. The logistics running track on the sieve surface of the tea powder rotary vibrating sieve is relatively long. The utilization rate of the screen surface is also relatively high. Adjusting the phase angle of the heavy hammer can change the movement trajectory of the material on the screen surface.

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