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What situation need to adding bouncing balls in the vibrating screen?

Bouncing balls in the vibrating screen equipment, especially in the rotary vibrating screen and linear vibrating screen, is a more unique kind of accessories, in the screening equipment plays a sieve cleaning role, but what situation can add or save it? The problem confused most buyers , here the Xinxiang Dayong Vibration Equipment company Co.,Ltd tell you when to add. 

The situation of adding bouncing balls:
1.When the screening materials is relatively fine (30-150 mesh), the proportion of materials is larger, we can adding a bouncing balls device under the screening surface, increase the longitudinal excitation of the device to make the material smooth screening down.
2. When the sieving material has a viscous or electrostatic characteristics, it need to add bouncing ball cleaning device or ultrasonic cleaning device, to reach the purpose of cleaning sieves.
The situation of no need adding bouncing balls:
1. When the screening material is liquid, the screening machine does not need to add bouncing balls, because the bouncing balls may be due to the exciting force too large, leaving the slurry flying.
2. When the sieving material particles in the 1mm or more, without the need to add bouncing ball, such materials is easy to sieve, bouncing ball may make the upper material movement trajectory changed, sieve speed will too slow.
Above all, bouncing balls are not casually added, need a professional vibrating screen manufacturers in accordance with the characteristics of screening materials to determine whether it need to add. The above is only the principle of adding in most cases, about the specific special materials, please contact with our company, Whatsapp: 0086-15136770681.

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