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What Are The Main Advantages of Linear Vibrating Screen for Steel Shot Grading

Generally speaking, the diameter of the steel ball is between 15-60mm, because the model of the mill is different, the size of the steel shot will also be different. Therefore, when the customer chooses the screen mesh, it will be based on the steel shot in the mill to choose the screen of the sieving machine. For example, our customer needs to use a linear screen to classify steel shots. The mesh sizes are 40mm, 30mm, 25mm, 20mm, the processing capacity for 50t/h, and the specific gravity of the steel balls is 3-7, which is heavier. It is recommended to use ZSG1236-4P, which has the following advantages:

1. Because the weight of the steel ball is heavier, compared to the 4-5 thick plate thickness of the same model, 6-8 thick plates are used to ensure the load-bearing capacity of the equipment.

2. The screen form can be woven mesh, punching plate, or bar-slit screen. The cost of the woven screen is low and easy to replace. The bar-slit screen of the punching machine has a longer service life.

3. Compared with ordinary linear screens, this equipment has a larger processing capacity, so it is also called heavy linear screens. It is mainly used to process materials with larger output and heavier materials.

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