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What Are The Components Of The Vacuum Feeder

Vacuum feeder is a kind of conveying equipment that uses vacuum suction to convey granular and powder materials. Widely used in medicine, food, chemical industry, ceramics, feed, pigments, dyes, agricultural products, scientific research and other fields. Using a vacuum feeder can greatly reduce dust pollution in the workshop, improve cleanliness, save manpower, reduce pollution, safe and reliable.

Composition of feeding machine
1.Vacuum generator or vacuum pump.
2.Filtration equipment
3.Suction port
5.Anti-blowing can.
6.Discharge valve
7.PLC control system

The use of a vacuum feeder can save production costs and reduce the labor intensity of the production enterprise. It can quickly transport materials by automatic feeding, and the closed warehouse door can isolate the impact of materials on the production environment. It is an ideal product for many enterprises in choosing feeding equipment.

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