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Two Factors Affecting the Screening Effect of Food Grade Rotary Shaker Sieve

1.What the standard screen of the food-grade rotary sieve is that has a great impact on the sieving efficiency of the material. Usually the common screen has GB, international and non-standard. Different materials according to their industry standards, the choice of the screen standard is not the same. Usually the most commonly used is the national standard screen and non-standard screen, and the material has carbon steel, nylon, stainless steel three. International standard ASTM has three kinds of American standard, British standard and Japanese standards, according to the needs of different customers customized,used for export equipment. Therefore, in the choice of food grade rotary sieve, be sure to tell the shaker manufacturers what your industry product standards is, and it is very important, not only affect the screening effect, the same will affect product quality.

2.The screen installation of the rotary vibrating screen also affects the sieving effect, currently on the market common rotary vibrating screen are the basic structure of subnet and mother network, Simply put a layer of subnet with a layer of mother network, subnet for screening, the mother network used to foil sub-network, play the purpose of protecting the subnet. Professional manufacturers usually make a reasonable installation configuration, and the general ratio of the subnet and mother network is 1:10. The mother network can effectively protect the subnet, not affect the screening, non-professional manufacturers of rotary vibration sieve often do not care about these, free ratio, not only affect the screening effect (the mother network overlaps the subnet and blocks the material from falling), but also accelerate the subnet damage (the diameter of mother wire is too thick, increase the subnet wear rate), so in the purchase of rotary vibrating screen, we must seek professional manufacturers. Dayong vibrating machinery as a company with 14 years of experience in the production of veteran vibrating screen manufacturers have independent research and development team, and its rotary vibrating screen is not only good screening effect, the most important is low product consumption, reduce input costs, increase revenue.

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