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The Cleaning Screen Ways of Tumbler Sifter

The round tumbler screen produced by Xinxiang Dayong Vibration Equipment Co., Ltd. is widely used in the chemical, food and fragrance, plastics, mining, medicine, wood and plywood, metallurgy, rubber, feed, fertilizer, sugar and salt industries, and recycling industries.

To solve the hole blocking problem of the round type tumbler screen, we have different cleaning methods. Generally, there are three commonly used cleaning devices:
Bouncing ball cleaning: Food-grade rubber and silicone balls bounce on the punching plate under the screen, bounce the metal mesh, and reduce mesh blockage. This system is simple to use, easy to maintain, and suitable for most granular materials.

Rotary brush cleaning: The rotating brush is driven by the decelerating teeth installed on the base plate, and rotates the brush net under the screen to clean the material. It is suitable for the screening of spherical, crystalline and brittle materials.

Ultrasonic cleaning: High-frequency ultrasonic waves are transmitted to the screen, which not only cleans the screen, but also significantly improves production capacity. It is suitable for most fine, large-volume, and difficult-to-screen materials.

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