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The Application of Rotary Vibrating Screen In Hard Alloy

Hard alloy have many superior performance, such as high hardness, wear resistant, corrosion resistant, etc., and widely used in cutter material, stainless steel and other hard materials. So if you want to get the superior metal powder, which will need to use rotary vibrating screen equipment.

Generally choosing the small model machine, such as DY-600 or DY-800 stainless steel rotary vibrating screen machine for sieving hard alloy, and for finer metal powder the capacity is not too large, generally for 100 mesh or 120 mesh, etc, as client’s demand to custom.

By sieving to achieve grading, sieving and removing impurities of materials, adjust the unbalanced hammer of motor at the both ends to make the trajectory changed into level, inclined, vertical three dimensional movement, and transferred to screen surface to affect the materials trajectory. Less than mesh hole rapidly into next layer screen frame, and discharged from fine outlet; then larger than mesh hole do circle motion, finally discharged from outlet.
Our company has many model machine, can be used in various industries, such as chemical industry, metal metallurgy industry, food industry, medicine and other industries, suits for any powder, granules and liquid sieving.

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