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The application of feed pellets rotary vibrating screen

With the growing competition in feed pellets industry, merger, integration and capital between the feed production enterprises increasing frequently, domestic excellent feed pellets production enterprises paid more attention to the research on its industry market, especially in the production process to control the quality of products in the feed pellets grading, then rotary vibrating screen as the main screening equipment in feed screening, with high screening efficiency, large production, and deeply loved by the users, given the reputation of the feed screening artifacts.

During the feed pellets processing, in order to improve the production of granule, reduce the energy consumption of granulation, often using big diameter model for production, and then broken into small particles. After the particles broken, they need to be graded, to separate the excess fine powder (the powder not formed during the granulation process or the powder produced during the crushing process) and the excess rough particles (not fully broken particles), so as to the particles into the finished product processing to meet the requirement of product granularity.

Particulate feed pellets grading usually using two-layers screen, the screening materials of the upper screen will go into the crusher to process second broken, then the screening materials of the lower screen is go into the granulator and granulated again, the middle layer is finished material. According to the different size of product grading, Dayong feed pellets rotary vibrating screen is specially customized for the customer needs. Feeding pellets rotary vibrating screen is used in all aspects of feed processing and grading, so the screening effect in the process of processing for the quality and production of feeding reference has a important influence. Dayong feeding rotary vibrating screen manufacturer promises to give 18 months warranty, any non-human problems of production free replacing new machine.

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