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The Advantages of Gyratory Screen

Gyratory screen have the following advantages compared to linear vibrating screen:

1. The capacity is larger, especially the big model linear vibrating screen, can not make full use of its sieving area surface due to the defect of the distribution method. However, the running track of the gyratory screen determines that it can make full use of the sieving area and the output per unit area It is larger than the linear vibrating screen, and the self-cleaning screen device of the gyratory screen itself is stronger than the linear vibrating screen, then the mesh blocking phenomenon will be greatly reduced.
2. The mesh screen of gyratory screen has a long service life. In the vibrating state of the linear vibrating screen, the material is always running forward in a parabolic jump. The screen is subject to more vertical force on the material, so it will inevitably affect the service life of the screen mesh. but the gyratory screen machine running track is sliding close to the screen, so the screen will be much smaller when subjected to vertical forces.

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