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The Advantage Of Our Vacuum Feeder Machine

We have been devoted to R&D and innovation of powder transportation-dust-free transportation of lithium battery materials. Our vacuum feeder has absorbed new technologies and experience at home and abroad. Through the research of engineers, we have developed a professional lithium battery material transportation system. The new technological innovation makes it more suitable for the production of lithium iron phosphate, ternary materials, graphite powder, lithium cobalt oxide and other lithium battery powders.

1.Back blowing optimization: original back blowing design, better back blowing efficiency, to ensure that there is no blockage in the process of conveying materials

2.Filter optimization: modular design, easy to disassemble and clean, secondary protection mechanism to prevent foreign matter from entering the system during operation

3.Transportation optimization: optimized filter system and vacuum power source after experimental comparison test, optimize the transportation distance, up to 30m

4.Material optimization: conveying lithium battery materials, targeted coating protection treatment, anti-static, anti-adhesion

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