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Rotary Sifter for Light Magnesium Oxide

It is well known that magnesium oxide is divided into light magnesium oxide and heavy magnesium oxide, due to the different proportions, the screening equipment for these two materials is very different. 

Today we will talk about the application of light magnesium oxide screening equipment.
Light magnesium oxide, of course the material proportion of accumulation is light, usually it is 0.2-0.3, and when this material contact with the air, it has a strong water absorption, easy to tide and group, sticky relatively large. It is for this special characteristic that the screening equipment used in this material is very limited.

Dayong Vibration Equipment Co.,Ltd designed a suitable horizontal rotary air sieve, for the use of this light magnesium oxide, which can be effectively crushing pieces, remove impurities, and can also mix a variety of materials to get evenly sieved.
This horizontal rotary air sieve with non-vibration motor, will have lower noise, better sealing, convenient suit.
At present, our customized horizontal rotary airflow screen size can up to 70-180(700mm diameter,1800mm long), it is currently the largest horizontal air screening equipment on the marketing, the output handling capacity could up to 1500kgs per hour.
Besides, if you are also interested in the screening of heavy magnesium oxide equipment, please continue to focus on our official website FAQ.