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  • vibrating conveyor The installation and operation of vibrating conveyor

    1. To avoid deformation of the tank, the groove inside is strictly prohibited to place heavy and the steel cord fastening the vibration transport should be stuck on the bracket in the transportation and hoisting.

  • YA circular vibrating screen The use and maintencace of YA circular vibrating screen

    Before beginning the machine, check that whether there are obstacles of obstructing running around it and each connecting bolt is fastened or not.

  • vibrating motor Excited force adjustment of vibrating motor

    Excited force adjustment: Each end of the vibration motor is provided with a fixed eccentric block and a adjustable eccentric block.

  • Direct discharge flour screen Direct discharge flour screen

    Direct discharge flour screen is a vibrating screen machine with convenient operation. The reason of calling it direct discharge flour screen is that it is widely used for safe screening of flour.

  • rotary vibrating screen The reasons of material accumulating of vibration screen mesh surface

    The material accumulating of vibration screen mesh surface will seriously affect the screening accuracy. According to the 15 year R&D experience of Dayong Vibration Equipment Co., Ltd, we summarize the possible reasons of material accumulating of vibration screen mesh surface.

  • ultrasonic vibrating screen Matters needs attention in the operating process of ultrasonic vibration screen

    Ultrasonic vibrating screen is a machine that is added a set of ultrasonic generator on the base of ordinary three dimensional vibration screen

  • sealing ring of vibrating screen Classification and function of sealing ring of vibrating screen

    Sealing rubber ring is an essential component in vibrating screen. It can be divided into three categories according to the material: rubber sealing ring, silicone rubber sealing ring and polyurethane sealing ring.

  • YK series circular vibrating screen YK series circular vibrating screen

    Product summary of YK series circular vibrating screen: YK series circular vibrating screen is a kind of classical, universal and standardized screening equipment.

  • NE50 bucket elevator How to maintain NE50 bucket elevator

    Doing the maintenance work of NE50 bucket elevator is very important. It can prolong the service life and is convenient for safe operation. The methods are as follows:

  • DY series mobile belt conveyor DY series mobile belt conveyor

    One, DY series mobile belt conveyor product summary: DY type mobile belt conveyor is a continuous handling equipment with high efficiency, safe and reliable use, good mobility.

  • 450 filter sieve The operation order of 450 filter sieve

    DY-450 is a removable single-deck filter sieve with lower noise and high efficiency. Because of one layer and one outlet, and the materials on layer should be removed by operator, the 450 filter sieve suit to the filtering of small capacity and little impurities. The following is the operation order of 450 filter sieve made by Dayong Machinery.

  • pp-plastic-rotary-vibrating-screen-1 PP plastic rotary vibrating screen

    PP plastic rotary vibrating screen also called antiseptic rotary vibrating screen, plastic circular vibrating screen, polypropylene rotary vibrating screen. PP rotary vibrating screen produced by Xinxiang Dayong Vibration Equipment Co., Ltd. is used for solving some speical material that would be oxidated or corroded if contacted with Q235 and SUS304. The contacting marterial part of PP plastic rotary vibrating screen is polypropylene, which is the best project to solve the problem oxidation and corrosion. Besides, PP plastic also could ensure not influencing material's property.

  • rotary-vibrating-screen-net-frame-1 The Installing Process of Rotary Vibrating Screen Net Frame

    On 13th, April, 2016, Xinxiang Dayong Machinery manufactured a DY-1500 rotary vibrating screen for a cellulose company in Zhejiang.

  • bucket-elevator-installation-1 The Matters Need Attention and Troubleshooting of Bucket Elevator

    Matters Need Attention 1. Check before start: The machine should run without load. The operator should observe whether the move is normal, if it is, start with regular feeding to prevent the block on the pedestal. 2. Stop feeding before stop: The operator should stop feeding material before stop the bucket elevator until discharging whole material.

  • linear-classifying-separator-1 The causes of malfunction at linear classifying separator working

    In the using vibrating screen process, the operator usually neglect the maintenance for vibrating screen and lead to different kinds malfunctions. So, how many causes result in malfunction ?

  • bucket-elevator-1 The installation and test run of the bucket elevator

    1. Box installation: The bucket elevator must be fixed on the firm concrete ground. The surface of the concrete ground shoukd be kept horizontal to guarantee the machine is vertical after fixed. The operator should install the bottom sections of bucket elevator, first to fix the foundation bolt, then install the middle box, finally to install the top box. The box should be kept vertical after installed, too. 2. Chains and hoppers installation: The hopper is connected with the U-type screws, which could be used as connector and the fasteners of the hoppers. Keep it in mind to make the U-type s

  • rocking-sieve-1 The advantage of rocking sieve

    Rocking sieve has the best screening effect is in the world, screening the highest precision equipment,please check below information:

  • vibrating-screen-damping-spring-1 The function and classification of damping spring in vibrating screen

    1. The function of damping spring. 2. The classification of damping spring.

  • inclined-screw-conveyor-1 Introduction of Screw conveyor

    Screw conveyor is divided into the shaft screw conveyor and the shaftless screw conveyor Shaft screw conveyor is mainly used for conveying powder and granular materials (such as chemical powder, cement, lime, grain, etc.); Shaftless screw conveyor is mainly used for viscous and winding material (viscous sludge, domestic waste).

  • screw-conveyor-1 Four kinds different materials stainless steel screw conveyor

    With the conveying technology development of different type material, carbon steel screw conveyor is cannot able to meet the increasingly become multi-material needs,such as food grade and chemical grade, all kinds of corrosive, acid and alkali-type material . So there is a new type of screw conveyor-stainless steel is produced, stainless steel screw conveyors occupies a very important market share in today's market , but there are many model stainless steel screw conveyor, they also have different chemical properties,so we need find out which is best suited to it?

  • tumbler-sreen-1 Three Kind of cleaning devices for tumbler screen

    tumbler screen, buy tumbler screen products from global tumbler screen manufacturer and tumbler screen supplier at

  • horizontal-centrifugal-sieve-1 Horizontal centrifugal sieve

    As a special sieving machine in intra-industry, horizontal centrifugal sieve was widely used for sieving micro powder. The screen likes a cask set in the machine body. When the material enter into the horizontal centrifugal sieve, it will be mixed with air and be discharged by the vanes. Then the material would discharge by jetting from the outlet. The material cannot discharging would discharge from the larger outlet.

  • vibration-table-1 The installation and adjustment of vibration table

    1. When installing, the pedestal should be keep level on the ground the error should not more than ±0.15. 2. The pedestal bolt should be locked well, no more loose. 3. Check whether the screw on the motor and table is loose. 4. Check whether the installation is correct, test run if it is. Then run with load when test run is normal.

  • fertilizer-gyratory-screen-6 The common malfunction and inspecting method of fertilizer gyratory screen

    1. Blocking of gyratory screen. 2. Abnormal movement such as torsional vibration. 3. Material mixing. 4. Capacity cannot reached.

  • linear-vibrating-screen-1 The causes and solutions of material mixing when sieving

    1.The poor sealing between screen surface and frame. 2.The damage of screen surface. 3.Not suitable angle of vibration motor.

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