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How To Solve The Problems Encountered In The Use Of Medical Ultrasonic Vibrating Screen

1.The screen is easy to be damaged: the ultrasonic vibrating screen frame uses an adhesive structure. Under normal circumstances, the screen is not easily damaged. If the screen is often damaged when we use it, we need to check that our screen is feeding Whether the mouth is equipped with a buffer device. If the feeding amount is too large at one time, the screen will be at full load for a long time, and the screen will be damaged, and uniform distribution is required during the production process. Another thing is to pay attention to the quality of the screen;

2.The seal is easy to damage: the seal is used as a dust-proof and vibration-buffering part. If problems such as frequent breaks occur, we can check whether there are burrs in the contact part of the screen frame and the seal. If burrs are found, they can be polished and flattened. Another reason is that when the screen frame is installed, the surrounding tension is not uniform. Unbalanced tension will cause uneven force on the seal, which will also cause damage to the seal. We can install the screen frame to make the surrounding force uniform. This problem can be avoided;

3.Screen degumming: Since the grid structure used by the ultrasonic vibrating screen is an adhesive grid, we need to use glue when installing the screen. The degumming phenomenon generally occurs during the screen changing process, which is due to stickiness. Caused by insufficient drying time during the net;
4.Insufficient tension of the screen: the tension of the screen is related to the accuracy of screening. The problem of insufficient tension will occur when the screen is installed. In fact, the solution is also very simple. We can use a specific installation tooling. Can solve this problem.

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