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How To Quickly Choose A Suitable Model of Rotary Vibrating Screen

Whether it is food chemical industry or ceramic slurry, when distinguishing product quality and product particle size, it is inseparable from the rotary vibrating screen screening equipment. However, there are many types of rotary vibrating screens. How can we quickly choose the type of rotary vibrating screen that suits our production needs when we buy it has become a problem that customers are more concerned about. The following is a summary for everyone, how to quickly choose a suitable model.

First of all, customers need to know what the purpose of using the screening machine is: screening or screening or removing impurities. Because of this, the number of layers of the rotary vibrating screen can be determined.

Secondly, when purchasing a rotary vibrating screen, customers must also be aware of the characteristics of the materials to be screened. For example, some materials are easy to screen and can be screened clean with ordinary screening equipment; but some materials have some Special, like materials with light specific gravity and easy to clump, ordinary rotary vibrating screens cannot meet their needs. We need to add a special net cleaning device-ultrasonic cleaning device to meet its needs. Therefore, the characteristics of the material are very important for the rotary vibration screening type.

Finally, when customers buy a rotary vibrating screen, they must also know how much output they need. Different types of rotary vibrating screens have different screening yields. Therefore, it is also very important to understand the screening output in advance for the selection of the rotary vibrating screen.

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