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How To Increase The Screening Output Of Vibrating Screening Machine

1. After the vibrating screening equipment is used for a period of time, the screen should be cleaned regularly. Even if there are bouncing balls or other screen cleaning devices, some screened materials will block or stick to the screen after a long time. Therefore, regular cleaning of the screen is of great help to the increase of screening output.

2. If the motor needs to be filled with oil, it should be filled with oil during the interval and check the condition of the lubricant. Because the motor is the vibration source of the screening equipment, the vibrating screen can work smoothly only if there is no problem with the motor.

3. The batches of the materials to be screened are different, and the moisture content and other characteristics of the materials vary greatly. These conditions will also seriously affect the screening of the materials. When this happens, adjust the screening of the material by adjusting the angle of the motor.

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