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How To Choose The Model Of Screening Equipment For White Rice Classification

There are many types of white rice flat rotary screens. It is necessary to understand the output of the customer in the previous process, that is, the amount of feed when the material enters the vibrating screen. The model of the equipment is determined according to the processing volume. Specifically, you need to understand the following parameters in detail:

1.White rice needs to be classified into several particle sizes, and each layer of screen mesh.

2. For a multi-layer equipment, it is necessary to understand the proportion of white rice particles in each layer, as well as some physical characteristics of the material, such as specific gravity and water content.

3. The white rice flat rotary screen is a rectangular equipment, and the ratio of width to length is generally 1:2. In order to ensure the finer screening accuracy of the equipment, most of the time for large-scale flat rotary screens, the ratio is increased to 1: 2.5. Because the width of the equipment can only ensure that the screening output of the material can be achieved, and the length is the main factor that determines whether the material screening is fine.

The plane rotary sieve for white rice is generally 3 to 4 layers, and it has different usage conditions according to different manufacturers and processes. The specific technical parameters of each model of plane rotary screen can refer to the following table.

The plane rotary screen is not only used in the classification of white rice, but also widely used in many feed industries, urea chemical industries and flour processing industries.

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