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How To Choose The Model Of Material Elevator

First of all, when choosing the model, you need to consider the shape of the material being lifted, whether it is powder, granules or small pieces of material;

Secondly, it is also necessary to consider whether the physical properties of the materials to be lifted are corrosive, and whether the viscosity is easy to stick to the hopper. After lifting to the corresponding position, the material will not be discharged.
In addition, it is necessary to know the specific gravity of the materials clearly. Generally, the parameters of the bucket elevator are designed and calculated for materials with a accumulation specific gravity below 1.6. Materials with a large specific gravity have higher requirements on the quality of the elevator chain.

Finally, the amount of material to be lifted per unit time must be determined. Generally speaking, the lifting amount of the material hoist has a certain relationship with the hopper form and hopper speed. There are also many types of hoppers, such as shallow hoppers and curved hoppers for centrifugal ejection; deep hoppers for gravity discharge.

There are many types of material elevators, choose according to customer needs!

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